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About Us
Our History
Partners Indemnity Insurance Brokers originated in 1923 and today has grown to be a leading insurance intermediary. Our head office is located in Toronto with a network of Office locations throughout Ontario.

Over the past 80 years, Partners Indemnity Insurance Brokers has grown and prospered by paying attention to our clients. We have a strong commitment to giving personal service and providing competitive insurance products.

Working for You
For your personal property, auto, or more complex commercial risks Partners Indemnity Insurance Brokers Ltd. has the experience and resources to help you protect your financial assets. By having excellent relationships with some of the largest insurance carriers in the country we are able to tailor risk management solutions.

Partners Indemnity has been providing personalized service to customers in an industry that often leaves people feeling like a number. At Partners, our team will do everything we can to get you the protection you need at the best possible rate. 

Our Strategy
We believe that knowledge is your most powerful asset when making decisions about your insurance coverage(s). We strive to provide you with expertise and knowledge about risk management options and loss prevention.

Continued Excellence
As we continue to grow and expand the range of products we offer, we maintain that our success is measured by your satisfaction. We strive to build strong and long lasting relationships with existing customers and welcome new clients warmly.

“The opportunities and the varied nature of the business ventures created by Partners Indemnity have steadily increased. This has favorably positioned the firm for accelerated growth and most importantly, world-class service.

Our relationship with selected underwriters and our demonstrated professional expertise have created a nationwide reputation for professionalism. As a group we have devoted substantial efforts and expense to planning and control mechanisms.”

Barry Downs MBA
President and CEO, Partners Indemnity Insurance Brokers


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